• Hezbollah is an Iranian-backed organization dealing in social, religious, political and military issues, which nevertheless manages a large terror network.
  • The terrorist network is commanded by Moustafa Bader El-Din (Badreddine) and is responsible for carrying out Terror Attacks inside Lebanon, such as the assassination of Rafiq Al-Hariri and other Lebanese politicians, as well as Terror Attacks against Jews around the world and in the West Bank, against Sunni Arab governments opposed to the Iranian regime (Saudi diplomats, Emirs of Kuwait), and against Western targets.
  • The spearhead of Hezbollah's terrorist activity around the world is the ESO (Unit 910), composed of Lebanese Shiites, which operates behind a dense veil of secrecy and under the cover of non-Lebanese false identities.
  • Over the last few years, Hezbollah has made several attempts to carry out bomb attacks, as well as sniper attacks and other forms of terror attacks in various arenas (Azerbaijan, Thailand, Turkey, South America, Egypt, southern Europe, etc.). Those attempts were foiled thanks to the determined and concerted efforts of intelligence organizations around the world.
  • The activity of the specialized units is approved by Hezbollah's top echelons as well as by Iran's Leader, and is derived from and influenced by Iranian interests.